Slug Magazine: “Musically, the 13 tracks on the album skirt the line between American roots music, old country and folk. It’s not a rock record per se, but it isn’t a country record either—it just is. And it sounds like it has always been. The music is gritty yet clean, and the lyrics nestle in somewhere between the Heartbreakers and rebel country greats. Songs like “Bittersweet Sound” and “Avalanche Girl” certainly pay homage to the experiences of the musicians playing here, but they also manage to hold their own and fight for inclusion in the pantheon of great American music.”

All Music: “Together, the Emperors of Wyoming create atmospheric, evocative music that blends the moods of past and present into roots rock that’s admirably free of clichés.”

The Ringmaster Review: “…it is impossible not to be impressed and persuaded by the wealth of invention and inciteful songwriting enclosed.”

High Note Review: “…The Emperors of Wyoming and they have produced something that many will want to hear over and over.”