Handcrafted Music You Can Trust.

The Mission

Artisanal Records was founded in 2016 to find and promote independent musical artists that deserve a wider hearing and greater notice.

While we release our records via the latest technology, such as digital album downloads, and with the highest audio quality possible, the basic philosophy of the record company harkens back to an earlier time in American recording, when record companies signed artists on the strength of their talent and vision, regardless of their genre, musical style or marketability.

Artisanal Records believes in the artisan philosophy of producing hand crafted, high quality, uncompromised small-batch art works. The music of Artisanal Records artists is created by individual artists and bands, not manufactured nor written and recorded by a team of musical pros, and never will be. Our independent artists all write, perform, record and produce the music you hear on their own; in exactly the way they want it to sound.

When you listen to an Artisanal Records artist you can be sure you are hearing the unvarnished essence of what the musicians intended. It is not the only way to make great and lasting music, but it is the Artisanal way.

Why We Say NO to MP3s

WAV FLAC and AIF are uncompressed audio files, which converts music from a studio master in a way that the files can be read on a computer.

FLAC and AIF are lossless formats, which retains the full quality of the uncompressed audio, yet uses much less space; generally about 40 to 60 percent less than WAV fles. AIF is a lossless format created for iTunes.

A note on playing files in iTunes: iTunes does not support FLAC, but  will play WAV and AIF files.

Some people might not notice the difference in sound quality, the lossless format leaves you with an archival file that will retain all the source data from the music master. While you can convert the files at any time in the future. MP3 conversion technology discards data and makes inexact approximations to reduce the size of the file. You cannot convert MP3 files into a lossless format – the data is not there. (Quick note: MP3s and similar compression formats are often referred to as ‘lossy’).

Handcrafted Music

Artisanal Records Founders

Artisanal Records was founded by two long-time music lovers and musicians, Phil Davis and Jon Sender. They believe original music has value and should be treated with respect; they understand and want to honor the work and inspiration of Artisanal Records artists. They know what it takes to write and record original music; they put a premium on supporting independent artists who do this.

Phil Davis

Phil has been writing and recording original music since he was 14. He started recording professionally in the early 1980s with now renown producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Green Day, Sonic Youth) and Garbage guitarist Steve Marker on Marker’s four-track recorder. They moved up to more sophisticated gear when Vig and Marker started the legendary Smart Studios. Davis, Vig and Marker recorded an unreleased album of their band, First Person, and Davis, Vig and Garbage’s Duke Erikson went on to write and record Fire Town’s critically hailed In the Heart of the Heart Country and The Good Life, both released on Atlantic Records. After a long hiatus Davis and Vig renewed their recording career together with the 2012 international release on Proper Records UK of their new band, The Emperors of Wyoming, with long-time band mates Frank L. Anderson, Peter Anderson, Alex Smolinski and Kim Henry.  That record was released in America in 2014 on Liaison Music.

Jon Sender

Jon is a guitar player, vinyl addict, music media savant and semi-deaf audiophile. Jon still owns the first LP that started the problem way back in the last century (for those who care –The Four Tops Greatest Hits , the grey cover, Bar Mitzvah gift, thank you Fred Neubauer). Jon recorded and independently released a EP/single a long time ago. It stiffed. While taste is subjective, Jon prefers pure black vinyl over any other kind. An early adopter of compact discs, he still cleans his records. Jon will listen to almost anything, but would kindly request that recordings classified as ‘polka’ not be forwarded.